On the Importance of Context…


Spoilers, scroll down for important contextual information.







  1. This is a real sign, not a Photoshop mash-up
  2. It is located in an area of Pennsylvania where a lot of Amish people live (hence the buggy image)
  3. Despite the odd and unfortunate message the two signs together convey, the two are advertising two different shops in the same shopping complex.






Your Kids on Books

The best advice any teacher ever gave me outside of recommending I accept Bryn Mawr College’s very generous scholarship offer was something another teacher told me when I was about 10 years old. She told me to read–read anything I could get my hands on and just keep reading. And, here I am, all this (ahem) decades later, and I still read just about anything I can get my hands on…thank goodness for public libraries. And, speaking of which, here’s a wonderful poster I took a quick picture of a few days ago. It hangs in the Doylestown Public Library.