How Did a Russian Spy Get Elected President of the United States?

Recently on Twitter we received a query from a lovely woman in Canada, let’s call her Betsy to help protect her identity. She asked, understandably, “How in the world did a Russian Spy (Donald Trump) get elected President of the United States?”

I promised Betsy an answer and here it is:

  • Donald Trump was aided and abetted by senior people in the Republican party. These people pushed legitimate, non-Spy candidates out of the way during the Republican primary in order to push Donald Trump forward. In other words, they colluded with a Russian spy against their own party: self before party.
  • Donald Trump was aided and abetted by other traitors who hold United States passports and who have served, or are currently serving, in senior government positions on the federal and state level: greed before loyalty.
  • Donald Trump was aided and abetted by Putin and his henchmen in Russia. They gave him information and money for his campaign. Plus, Russia has been involved in cyber-warfare against every day Americans, including trolling them through social media through the use of paid propaganda trolls.

All of this has been substantiated by press reports and government intelligence.

Plus, it is clear as a bell. Anyone with common sense could understand what happened and is happening. Just look at Donald Trump tweets where he idolizes Putin and demonizes anyone he thinks is against him.

Plus, since that must not have seemed enough to the Trump Cabal to defeat Hillary Clinton, they also figured out a way to hijack the vote tallies in a few big states so as to win the Electoral College vote. The Intelligence Community is still gathering facts and sorting out what happened, so stay tuned for more details. We will report on this again as more information becomes available.

So, Betsy, there you have it. Donald Trump is a traitor, and so are the United States citizens who have worked so hard to put a Russian Spy in the White House.

Putin is just doing what Putin does. He is trying to do it in other countries, including Canada. He is particularly interested in installing other puppet despots (Trump being one) at the head of European countries in an attempt to weaken NATO. He wants to weaken NATO so he can push ahead with military plans to invade European countries.