Six Easy Ways to Stop the Republican Party from Killing Millons of Americans

The Republican Party’s senior leadership (RPSL) in Washington has made it crystal clear they want to destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA), an insurance program put into place under President Obama’s administration. Currently the plan covers more than 20 million Americans, many of whom could not get insurance in other ways or who would otherwise be forced to pay horrendously high monthly premiums to get insurance coverage. Repealing the ACA would strip away their health insurance completely. As a result, millions of Americas would die because they cannot obtain the healthcare they need.

The rank-and-file Republicans do not have anything to do with this effort. In fact, many of them have insurance through the ACA. Most are unaware they will lose their health insurance if the ACA is repealed. Not only will many be surprised if the RPSL kills the ACA, some of them be dead shortly thereafter for lack of access to basic healthcare.

Why, you may ask, would the RPSL want to kill millions of Americans, including some of the party’s own rank-and-file supporters? 

Good question!

Answer: because the RPSL wants to score one, single, solitary political point against President Barack Obama. Yep, the RPSL is playing a game of political football, and millions of Americans will die if they succeed in killing the ACA.

The RPSL took the first step in its kill campaign yesterday. But, they have to do a lot more conniving and manipulation to kill the robust program.

You, as an every day American, can help the protectors of the ACA stop the RPSL from killing millions of Americans. has published a detailed post about how you can do this. To read the independent organization’s post, which is full of helpful hints and useful links, please click this link:

Here, though, are the six simple and easy ways every day Americans can stop the RPSL from killing millions of Americans:

  1. Call your Senators and Congressional Representatives.
  2. Write a letter or send an e-mail to your Senators and Congressional Representatives
  3. Share your healthcare story, especially if the ACA is helping you or your family and friends stay alive.
  4. Ask friends and family to reach out to Republican Senators on your behalf.
  5. Attend a local rally or town hall, even if you don’t stand up and speak, you can hold a sign to make your opinion clear. January 15, 2017 was a key day for this kind of peaceful public protest, and more opportunities will be coming up soon.
  6. Use all of the social media channels you use to make your opinion known. Be persistent, be bold, but be polite. Do not engage with trolls you encounter online. Remember many are paid propaganda trolls paid by Russian money to harass innocent Americans online. Do not let them waste your time. Block them, and keep going.

Thank you for your time, your consideration, your humanity, and your actions.