To All Politicians in the Democratic Party: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way! America is Coming Through!

This is an open letter to all politicians who label themselves Democrats: you must lead, follow, or get out of the way because America is coming through! 

Donald Trump is a menace to the world. He is an illegitimate President who is in the White House because hate, cowardice, theft, and lies put him there. He must be removed without delay and all his fellow spies, henchmen, and crooks with him. All of them must go!

There are Democrats who get this. Representative Lewis does, for example, but Representative Maxine Waters said it best:

  • “No, I don’t trust him. I don’t believe him. I have no intentions of sitting down with him. I’m going to fight him every inch of the way.” 

The Republican Party has died. It has been replaced by the American Fascist Party in all but name. Walls, registries, lists, killing millions by taking away their insurance, Medicare, Medicaid.

And not a single Republican has stood up to Trump. Not one single one. They equivocate, they stammer, they excuse, and worst yet, they applaud! They line up to follow this would-be dictator.

But America is mighty, strong, intelligent, savvy, and unafraid. America is going to clean out the White House, the House, and the Senate. 

So, politicians who call themselves Democrats and politicians who call themselves Republicans who are not Fascists, write the words of Representative Maxine on your heart and gird for battle.

We call upon you to stand up to hate and stand up for America! You can do this by shutting down Washington:

  • Not one piece of legislation gets passed if it does not relate to finding out the details of what Trump the traitor is plotting with Putin.
  • Not one bill is to be considered which does not have to do with removing Trump and his henchmen and band of spies.
  • Not one more Cabinet hearing until he is gone!
  • Not one nod in the hallway! Who nods politely to Fascists?!
  • No appeasement.
  • No giving in. No rolling over.

This may seem like scorched earth policy to you and it is! Defend your country and go on the offensive. And Attack! Your country is worth fighting for.

As for the rest of us Americans, we are going to watch what you do and do not do very closely. Every day. Every hour. If you do not step up, if you do not defend and attack, we will know.

Do not think you are safe until the next election! You are not! If you do not immediately call for Trump’s expulsion, we will be relentless in our efforts to remove you from office.

We will, peacefully, do everything we can to make you do your patriotic duty. We will occupy your offices, we will call you, we will publicize your cowardice in every way possible through newspapers, television, and the Web. We will call upon you to resign. We will look for, find, and seek to cut off your secret funding and your corporate contributions.

So, again, here is your mantra: “No, I don’t trust him. I don’t believe him. I have no intentions of sitting down with him. I’m going to fight him every inch of the way.” 

Remember, America is coming through. If you are afraid to lead, afraid to stand up for what is right, afraid to put Country before Party, then get out of the way!