About Molly Joss

Molly Joss, the owner and founder of the Joss Group, launched the company in 1994 to provide editorial, marketing, and management consulting services to publishing companies and business-to-business and consumer product suppliers.

Before starting her company, the Joss Group, she was the Marketing Director for Seybold Publications, an internationally known group of high-tech newsletters. Also during her time at Seybold Publications, Molly was the company’s Technical Editor.

Earlier in her career, Molly held a series of increasingly responsible positions in sales and marketing, software testing and analysis, writing, and editing. She is an experienced teacher and trainer and has done extensive charity work in the non-profit sector, both domestically and overseas.

To learn more about Molly Joss and to contact the Joss Group, please visit the Joss Group Web site (www.thejossgroup.com).