Some Thoughts on Why the Fake News Cyclone Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger — Molly Joss Out Loud

I read an interesting article today about how the major news outlets are trying to combat the spread of fake news on their sites–these news items turn up as advertisements, not in-line copy (publishing term). As Pew Research Center reports have shown, most people have a really hard time distinguishing between ads which look like […]

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On the Importance of Context…


Spoilers, scroll down for important contextual information.







  1. This is a real sign, not a Photoshop mash-up
  2. It is located in an area of Pennsylvania where a lot of Amish people live (hence the buggy image)
  3. Despite the odd and unfortunate message the two signs together convey, the two are advertising two different shops in the same shopping complex.






Ohio Teacher to Get the Death Penalty Over Duct Tape Flap?

The following post appeared in 2013 on another blog written by Molly Joss. The post proved to be very popular.

You have probably read about the teacher who posted a photo online of some of her students with duct tape on their mouths and a caption something along the lines of, “Now I know how to keep them quiet!” She says the students were just messing around and so was she. They agree. No one is claiming she abused them in any way.

Okay, then. Here is a quote from the story about this fracas that was posted today: “The Akron school board is considering whether to terminate her.”


Yes and No. And Yes.

Yes, this is a real quote. You can reach the full story here:–abc-news-topstories.html

No, the writer of the story did not mean to convey the idea the school board might kill the teacher. </p>

Yes, the sentence is a good illustration of just another case of when the”employment’ of an editor (as in a living human being) is a good idea.

By the way, the teacher probably will lose her job over this, but one of the burning questions the article says the school board is bent on answering is “Why was there duct tape in the classroom?”